Little Things that Make me Happy

Hello loves,

We take for granted the little things in life that can bring joy and happiness into our lives, so here are the few things that genuinely make me happy.


Polaroids- I bought my polaroid camera my junior year of high school, and I have taken so many photos. It’s kind of insane. The thing with polaroids is that you know exactly what was going on when you took the photo. I can sit down with you and tell you what happened 5 minutes prior to taking the photo. Going through all of my polaroids can brighten up my day in a heartbeat, because they all represent great and happy memories.

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Flowers/Plants- Today I received a special visit from my parents and my favorite part of the visit, besides seeing them, was when my dad gave me flowers before he left. I have only been in college for a few months but it just reminded me of being at home and how every time my dad would do yard work he never failed to cut some flowers and put them in my room. Flowers are just so beautiful and make my room feel so much more inviting and happy.

A clean room- The majority of us spend a good portion of our time in our room. When my room is messy and dirty, it can really add stress to my day and just make me feel so unproductive, BUT coming home to a clean room from a long day of classes can really bring a smile to my face.

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Candles- I honestly don’t know where my obsession with candles started. I could honestly care less about the scent, I just love the light it gives off. But I will say that a good scent is a plus. I used to really enjoy sweet smells, but lately I’ve really been into candles that smell like guys, and have that strong cologne-like scent.

Buying a new lipstick- I love lipsticks so much, especially in the fall season, because you can experiment with dark colors and actually get away with it. Whenever I’m feeling down I’ll go to Walgreens or Ulta and pick up like a new lipstick to make my day better.

Handwritten notes- With technology, we can say whatever we need to say in a text, a tweet, or even an email. Handwritten notes or letters actually make me so happy because it is so personal and something we don’t do much nowadays. I remember when I was at home, my dad would slip little notes here and there and it would make me so happy to see them around.

Listening to songs on my record player- Last year I bought a record player, and it was the best thing I ever spent my money on.  When people say music sounds better on vinyl, they aren’t lying. I like finding old records at thrifts stores and antique stores that are kind of scratched up, because the sound of the crackling makes me feel so good inside. Its so soothing and I feel like an old classy woman.

Finding cool knick knacks at a thrift store- One thing that I could do everyday for the rest of my life would be spending my time at a good thrift store finding cool pieces for my room. I have aquired a great amount of things that I have bought from the thrift store that are so special to me. When moving into my apartment, I bought these really cool old plates, a cool lamp, and weird trinkets.

Having a “Spa Day”- Many days I’ll spend the day pampering myself by first taking a nice hot bath, and applying a body scrub, then putting on a face mask while listening to good tunes while painting my nails. Taking the time to take care of yourself can really brighten up your day.

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Making a cup of coffee in the morning- The weekends where I wake up at around 9 o’clock are my favorite, because it’s not too early and definitely not too late. It’s the perfect time to make yourself a nice cup of hot coffee and enjoy the sound of silence.

This is the one


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