Guide to Better Skin


Hello Loves,

I am 100% sure that we have all had a moment in our lives where we look in the mirror and we question how we got so many blemishes on our face. The feeling is quite awful, and it can make anyone’s confidence level go down in a heart-beat. Right now, I am going through this, and it’s not fun. I never really had acne throughout high school, I would get a pimple here and there, but nothing too serious, and I also had tiny little bumps on my forehead, but they weren’t pimples. Ever since I went off to college my skin went downhill.

Today I have a list of things that will help you better your skin, and if you follow these steps you should see an improvement.

Drink Water 

This may be very obvious to you, but believe it or not people are not drinking enough water daily, and sadly I am one of those people. Your skin is an organ, and without water organs cannot function properly. I know that drinking water can be quite tedious, but just try to sip on plenty of water throughout the day.

Stick to a Skin Care Routine

Something that I regret doing, is changing up my skin care routine. I wanted to try new things on my face because I was bored using the same thing over again,  the problem with this is that your skin may take a while to get used to the product, which may cause your skin to break out. While your skin could get used to the new products, there will most likely be a phase where your skin won’t be looking its best. Decide wether or not you are willing to take that risk.

Take Vitamins

Vitamins are a way to get those essential nutrients that are not present in your diet. You can do more research on which vitamins you should be taking, but one I want to talk about in particular is zinc. A lot of people who have acne are actually  deficient in zinc. Once they started taking this supplement they noticed that their acne improved quite a bit. I also did a little bit of research, and some vitamins like  B12 and B6 can actually worsen acne in some people. Natures-Bounty-Zinc-Chelated-074312020605.jpg

Use A Mask Once A Week

Besides the fact that masks are fun to take selfies with, it’s a good way to clean out our skin a little deeper. Be sure not to overdue it, because we don’t want to dry our face out. My favorite mask at the moment is the Freeman Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel-Away Clay Mask, and it is relatively inexpensive, which is always a plus.500.JPG

Use Sunscreen

I never wore sunscreen on my face until recently, which is really bad, I KNOW. The sun can be scary when we’re talking about our skin. By wearing sunscreen we can decrease the development of skin cancer. It also helps with skin discoloration, blotchiness, and it can slow down the development of wrinkles. Basically, just where sunscreen everyday!

Wash Makeup Brushes Regularly

When is the last time that you washed your makeup brushes? Your makeup brushes hold a lot of bacteria, and they need to be cleaned often to prevent breakouts. An easy and cheap way to clean them is by using baby shampoo.

Change your Pillowcases

Similar to your makeup brushes, your pillowcases can hold a lot of bacteria, be sure to take the time to change your pillowcases every week.

Don’t Pick at your Face

Your hands are dirty, even if you wash your hands there is still oil on your fingers. Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT touch your face. This can lead to clogged pores and skin irritation.

Wash your Face When you Exercise

Anytime you sweat, you have a chance of getting a breakout, because your pores open when you sweat. Make sure that you clean your face before and after you hit the gym. In all honesty, I never thought it would be that important to clean your face after the gym, but I truly think this may be one of the reasons why my skin has been so bad lately. Bring cleansing wipes with you when you go to the gym. Once you finish, you can immediately cleanse your face.


Everyone’s skin is different, and we all want perfect skin, but we need to be happy with the skin we have. I hope this post helped you guys.

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