OOTD | Adventure in Downtown Jacksonville




Lace up Dress- Ross (find similar here)

Shoes- (find similar here)

Black Bag- H&M (find similar here)


Hello loves,

Like I have said in my previous blog, I am home for college for the summer which means I have a lot more free time to just hang out. I have never really taken the time to explore my own city, so that is exactly what I did today.

I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida since I was seven or eight and today was the first time I actually experienced the downtown area. My boyfriend and I started our little adventure with lunch. We went to San Marco and ate at the Beach Diner, the food was good, and the area was so photogenic and cute. We then, went to MOSH, which is the Museum of Science and History here in Jacksonville. I am pretty sure everyone in Jacksonville has been there at least once from a school field trip. After that, we went on a water taxi, and it was very relaxing after being in the sun for a while. The water taxi took us to a riverfront mall called The Landing where we grabbed a drink, and some cookies to munch on. We ended our day by going to the St. Johns Town Center, and going into the Photo Booth at Urban Outfitters and taking cute photos!

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