Adventures in Winter Park

Happy Monday Everyone,

This past Saturday, I finally explored the beautiful town of Winter Park. I have been meaning to go there since the day I was accepted into UCF, because the majority of Orlando’s cute coffee shops are in the Winter Park area. I had the privilege of going with my wonderful boyfriend, Antonio, and we had a blast! It is a beautiful place to walk around and take Instagram photos, because EVERYTHING is ‘Instaworthy’. Every 5 minutes I would turn to Antonio and say “OMG I love it here so much”,  I seriously couldn’t handle this place. I might have to get an ‘I love Winter Park’ sticker to make it official.

We started the day off with coffee at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen. I am not joking when I say this place was made for me. It is very aesthetically pleasing and trendy. They had beautiful marble tables to sit at, and their coffee is very smooth and creamy which I love! After that we stopped by the Farmer’s Market and picked up some flowers, then we decided to chill at a park bench until we got hungry. For lunch, we decided to go to a bistro called Briarpatch. The food was amazing, but sadly, I left my leftovers at the restaurant. Unfortunately, the sky was getting pretty grey once we left the restaurant, so we decided to leave before it rained, and luckily we made it to our car just in time.


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