As human beings, we develop a routine that we achieve every day. Here are some things that you should add to your routine to make your life a little bit better.



I get it. It’s not fun, but trust me whenever I am home or come home from class my bed just looks so cozy, and I immediately jump in, and NOTHING gets done.


I have a super bad habit of not drinking enough water daily, and I am really trying to make this a habit, but it can be hard sometimes. Water is so good for you (especially for your skin). READ MORE HERE


Again, not fun but it needs to be done. When you have a clean room, you can feel more organized and actually be able to think about the work you need to accomplish instead of that dirty sock sitting in the corner.


Wash everything. Wash the car, wash the dishes, wash the dirty clothes – I’m kidding. I’m talking more about your physical hygiene. Take a shower before you go to bed, so your sheets don’t reek of gym sweat.


Maybe the most important thing you should be doing every day. We are so busy going to classes, going to the gym, doing whatever it is that we are doing, that sometimes we don’t take the time to sit and reflect about our day. Take an hour and journal or watch a movie, or cook something fancy. We need to spend time with ourselves and learn more about who we are so we can better ourselves. Many times we are so worried about other people that we forget we need to take care of US.  This will also help you to become less dependent on people. When we’re in high school, we are surrounded by people 24/7. Whether that be our classmates, parents or friends, we always have someone around. In college, and definitely in our adult years, we won’t constantly have people to hang out with when we’re bored. That is why you need to get used to the idea of having some alone time once in a while.

Let me know what you do every day that you think makes life better!


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