Happy Mother’s Day, to all the COOL MOMS out there.

At a young age, we are so dependent on them and we go to them for everything. I remember in elementary/middle school, no one wanted to be my friend (so sad, I know) and I would go to my mom practically every day crying about how I did not have friends. She told me that it was okay you don’t need friends because you have me & I was more than okay with that.

Once we get into our teen years, we start to rebel and we think that we are so grown up and we don’t need our moms anymore. In middle school/ early high school, I remember getting in so many arguments with my mom because I had such an attitude about EVERYTHING and I thought that I could do everything on my own.

Now that I am in college, my relationship with her is completely different and I can actually appreciate all that she’s done for me. I remember the day I was dropped off at college. I remember crying for the first 2 days because I really felt like I wasn’t ready to do life without my mom by my side. I constantly catch myself saying “I really need my mom to be here” if my day isn’t going so well. I really appreciate everything she does because she has taught me so much in life.


  • Shoes are a girl’s best friend
  • The more photos, the better
  • Have positive relationships with everyone you meet
  • You can never have too many purses
  • Always look your best everywhere you go
  • Being grateful for everything in your life
  • The perfect boy will come when you aren’t looking

My mom has always believed that I can do great things, and it’s so reassuring to hear that when sometimes I don’t even have that faith in myself.

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I truly love you, mom.


If you haven’t wished your mother a Happy Mother’s Day, be sure to give her a call!


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