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Happy Mother's Day, to all the COOL MOMS out there. At a young age, we are so dependent on them and we go to them for everything. I remember in elementary/middle school, no one wanted to be my friend (so sad, I know) and I would go to my mom practically every day crying about… Continue reading MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN IN MY LIFE

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Happy Saturday everyone! If you know me personally, then you know I LOVE donuts (like would marry if I could, kind of love). I love donuts so much that in sixth grade, I wrote a poem about my love for this divine dish. VALKYRIE DOUGHNUTS Thanks to Instagram's location tagging feature, I've noticed many people mentioning… Continue reading DONUT SATURDAYS

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Adventures in Winter Park

Happy Monday Everyone, This past Saturday, I finally explored the beautiful town of Winter Park. I have been meaning to go there since the day I was accepted into UCF, because the majority of Orlando's cute coffee shops are in the Winter Park area. I had the privilege of going with my wonderful boyfriend, Antonio, and we had a… Continue reading Adventures in Winter Park


Why the New Instagram Update is a Good Thing

As of yesterday, August 2, Instagram updated their app, where users can upload Instagram stories... Sound Familiar? Yes, like many people, I was annoyed at the fact that Instagram would blatantly copy Snapchat, but at the same time I can see good things come out of it! No more posts begging people to follow your… Continue reading Why the New Instagram Update is a Good Thing

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How I edit my Instagram Photos

Hello Loves, I've been trying to get into Instagramming again, and I thought I would show you how I edit my photos on Instagram! BUT FIRST!!! Follow me on Instagram @lararawson                                So first things first, download VSCO because it truly… Continue reading How I edit my Instagram Photos

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Exp[Lara]tion: Daytona Beach

This Friday my friends and I headed to the beach after our classes. Luckily for us, we all got out relatively early, so around 1 PM we packed our things and headed to Walmart so we could buy food, sunscreen, a beach umbrella (waste of money), a football, and water. We did snack a bit, and I think… Continue reading Exp[Lara]tion: Daytona Beach

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Exp[LARA]tion: Coffee Shop // Propagation

Hello cuties, I've lived in Orlando for about 8 months, and I have never took the time to go on an adventure and explore the beautiful city. When you think of Orlando, you're probably thinking of  Disney, Sea World, or the Millenia Mall. I like exploring the cute little places that are aesthetically pleasing. When… Continue reading Exp[LARA]tion: Coffee Shop // Propagation

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Little Things that Make me Happy

Hello loves, We take for granted the little things in life that can bring joy and happiness into our lives, so here are the few things that genuinely make me happy. Polaroids- I bought my polaroid camera my junior year of high school, and I have taken so many photos. It's kind of insane. The thing… Continue reading Little Things that Make me Happy


Mixed Vibes | Welcome to my Room

The first thing you would notice in a bedroom would be your bed, right? Right! So make sure its adorable and cozy at all times. I love the look of hotel beds, because they are simple and comfy. YAY FOR TRAYS, trays are my favorite, because you can put basically anything on them. I normally… Continue reading Mixed Vibes | Welcome to my Room


A Road to Healthiness

For as long as I can remember I have never been satisfied with the way my body looked. This started at a very young age for me. My problem area was and is my stomach, I've always been tiny in the arms and the legs but my stomach was where it was unusually big. I… Continue reading A Road to Healthiness